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Sine Curve
Vanguard's modeling and simulation software allows you to build complex business models for forecasting, simulation, and optimization.
Modeling and simulation software testimonial We have now adopted Vanguard System as our core tool and strongly recommend it to professional modelers using anything else.

Michael Kubica
Senior Scientist
Healthcare Econometrics

Spreadsheets are widespread, but decreasingly suitable for advanced enterprise modeling. Our software and systems give your analysts the ability to create and easily maintain enterprise-level models that scale efficiently to ever-increasing complexity. Build the most advanced decision-support capabilities in the world forecasting, simulation, optimization.

Available Versions

Business Analytics Suite - Desktop application
Recommended for single users. Includes a variety of modeling techniques, ranging from simple formulas to Monte Carlo simulations and product/project portfolio optimization.

Vanguard System - Enterprise, server-based solution
Recommended for multiple users. Contains all of the same tools as our desktop application but features additional capabilities:

  • Create interactive, web-based models no programming or HTML knowledge required
  • Integrate models for larger, more complex views, such as for portfolio and cost modeling
  • Catalogue and manage all versions of all models using the Library Manager
  • Control access to all models with user authorization and management tools
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