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Forecast Server™ for Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization Software - Items
Inventory optimization software that helps you maintain optimal stock levels using state-of-the art forecasting techniques. Perfect for use in wholesale and retail environments.
Inventory Optimization Quote Our Buyers love Forecast Server’s collaborative forecasting process. Stakeholders add pertinent information. Updates are immediately visible leading to better results.

Jim Cafferty
Sr. Director of Purchasing
Winzer Corporation

Why accurate forecasts are the core of inventory optimization

The amount of safety stock you carry is in direct proportion to your forecast uncertainty. Traditional software tools with rudimentary forecasting capabilities tend to be inaccurate, making large safety stocks necessary.

With Forecast Server’s accuracy, you can have:

  • Trustworthy, accurate forecasts that limit uncertainty,
  • Reduced inventory levels without fear of stock-outs, and
  • A tool that can pay for itself in months.

Manage your inventory forecasts easily

Forecast Server can slice-and-dice hundreds of thousands of forecasts by SKU, family, group, location, and any other category you wish. This gives you the flexibility and visibility you need to optimize your safety stock, see your reorder levels, and make smart procurement decisions.

Inventory Optimization Software Screenshot

Know which products require attention quickly

Most companies repeatedly go through lengthy and tedious SKU classification processes, but it can still be hard to judge which SKUs are high or low priority.

Forecast Server takes the guesswork out of which SKUs require immediate attention by calculating SKU importance by:

  • Financials (cost, revenue, profit)
  • Service level goals,
  • Fill rates,
  • Buying restrictions,
  • Product cycles,
  • Demand uncertainty,
  • And more…

Always operate on the latest information

Forecast Server analyses your inventory priorities every time there is a change to data or your assumptions, including:

  • Historical data,
  • Ordering rules,
  • Financials (cost, revenue, profit)
  • Desired service levels or fill rates,
  • And more…

Get the advanced analytics that make inventory optimization possible

Optimizing inventory levels requires sophisticated analytics to model all potential uncertainties and scenarios. Typical inventory management formulas used in traditional software, general “rules of thumb,” and guesswork cannot give you the same level of accuracy.

Forecast Server enables you to:

  • Accurately model demand for new products or products with intermittent demand,
  • Get a detailed measure of all uncertainties to reduce risk,
  • Evaluate all possible stocking options so you can foresee the impact of your decisions, and
  • Find optimal safety stocks, reorder levels, purchase quantities at any given time.
  • And more…

Optimize your inventory today with Vanguard

Vanguard has helped thousands of companies understand their business operations and model complicated decisions. With Vanguard, you know you will get:

  • Experts helping you at every step. With everything from PhDs in supply chain management to MBAs, we have the right mix of experience and expertise to help you optimize your inventory. We listen carefully and build our software around your needs, not vice-versa.
  • Completion on time, on budget. Solving your problems on time and on budget is our top priority. We carefully manage the project schedule and budget and communicate exactly where the project stands at all times.

Contact us today at 919-859-4101 or to learn more about how we can help you.


Create custom dashboards of the data that matters most to you. Build dashboards quickly and easily with a few clicks. Drag and drop dashboard items wherever you wish.

Forecast Server finds the best forecast method to fit your historical data automatically. You can apply a wide variety of special filters, overrides, and adjustment models.

Forecast Server builds reports on-demand to help you visualize your forecasts, understand portfolio effects, and see the impacts of hypothetical scenarios.

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