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Forecast Server™ for Inventory Optimization

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Increase working cash and the bottom line by achieving optimal stock levels (wholesale and retail). Our inventory optimization software delivers the most accurate forecasts in market. Slash safety stock, minimize stock-outs, streamline throughput and improve financial results. Let us explain how we’ll reduce your inventories by a measure that pays for itself in months.
Inventory Optimization Quote Our Buyers love Forecast Server’s collaborative forecasting process. Stakeholders add pertinent information. Updates are immediately visible leading to better results.

Jim Cafferty
Sr. Director of Purchasing
Winzer Corporation

Manage inventory forecasts

More than day-to-day monitoring, Vanguard Software delivers management visibility for smarter inventory policies, procurement decisions and replenishment thresholds. Slice and dice hundreds of thousands of forecasts by any category you choose: SKU, family, group, location, etc.

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Prioritize management response

Bypass the tedium and guesswork of classifying SKUs by priority. Our automated solution factors multiple variables including:

  • Financials (cost, revenue, profit)
  • Fill rates
  • Service-level goals
  • Buying restrictions
  • Demand seasonality
  • Demand Uncertainty

Additionally, Forecast Server continuously adapts to changes in your:

  • Historical data
  • Financials (cost, revenue, profit)
  • Ordering rules
  • Desired service levels or fill rates

The most exhaustive and accurate solution in market

Effective inventory optimization requires rigorous analytics to model all potential uncertainties and scenarios. This is where we break from the pack. Our competitors’ formulas apply simplifying assumptions. We deliver above-market accuracy through the most exhaustively iterative modeling. We’re unique in our ability to:

  • Accurately model demand for new products, and those with intermittent demand.
  • Measure uncertainties in microscopic detail to achieve lowest-possible risk.
  • Cross-evaluate all possible stocking decisions for optimal safety stock, reorder thresholds and purchase quantities.

One Forecast Server™,multiple collaborators:

  • Tap source data directly. Say bye to data dumps and spreadsheet copy-and-paste. Forecast Server pulls straight from your sources, eliminating manual processing, errors, version control issues, and static data. Completed forecasts can then loop directly into your existing ERP system.
  • Drive adoption. Across departments, all users have come to expect an intuitive interface, time-saving automation and relevant reporting (dollars, units, etc.).
  • Exploit internal insight. Our hosted environment and easy-to-use web interface open the forecast to multiple direct contributors – anytime, anywhere, on any browser or device. Automated options require minimal training and almost no statistics experience. Authorized users may alter assumptions, view exceptions, propose changes, build reports, and create “what-if” scenarios using click-and-drop tools, all with a crystal-clear audit trail.
  • Lay bare the process Assign individual or group responsibility for assumptions, groups, families, SKUs, etc. Know who made changes, when, where, and why and explain with certainty how your particular forecast came together.
  • Zero in. Create and share focused-view dashboards for focused-view contributors. Click down into any line item to reveal and review forecast components (sales, sales by item, sales by group or location, inventory, liabilities, taxes, EBIT, EBITDA, depreciation, etc.).
  • Access power. Server-based computing steps beyond your desktop capabilities. Mix and match virtually unlimited groups for unlimited rollups – no delay.

Contact us today at 919-859-4101 or to learn more about how we can help you.


Create custom dashboards of the data that matters most to you. Build dashboards quickly and easily with a few clicks. Drag and drop dashboard items wherever you wish.

Forecast Server finds the best forecast method to fit your historical data automatically. You can apply a wide variety of special filters, overrides, and adjustment models.

Forecast Server builds reports on-demand to help you visualize your forecasts, understand portfolio effects, and see the impacts of hypothetical scenarios.

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