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Decision Support with Business Analytics Suite™

Business Analytics Suite gives you the ability to perform classic decision tree analysis and Markov simulations.

Land Investment Decision

Health Cost Markov Simulation

Business Analytics Suite's decision tree functionality will help you select the best course of action in cases where you face uncertainty. For example, decision trees are applied in deciding how much inventory to build when sales forecasts are uncertain, or when choosing between litigation and an out-of-court settlement.

In helping you to select the best option, Business Analytics Suite provides an elegant framework for combining all options involved in a decision with consequence probabilities and outcome values.

Decision Analysis Tools

Once you have modeled a decision using a decision tree, Vanguard will automatically analyze the tree to help you better understand and communicate the risks involved. For example, Vanguard will construct a risk profile graph or table illustrating all possible outcomes and probabilities. Vanguard also calculates the value of knowing what will happen in the future (value of perfect information). This helps you determine how much you should spend, on market or other research, to refine your assumptions. You can even specify your personal risk aversion when analyzing decision models.

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"the most attractive, user- friendly and self-explanatory of any decision tree software I've seen."

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Quick Views

Land Investment Decision

Litigation Decision

Risk Profile Graph

Risk Aversion (Utility)

Health Cost Markov Simulation

Markov Simulation Results

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