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Vanguard Software has two decades of success matching IT innovation with straight-up management savvy and the sharpest forecasting capabilities in the world. That is what sets us apart from even our best known competitors, along with the depth and breadth of value that we deliver. Our top priority – and reason for being – is ensuring that you achieve above-market net returns on your investment with us.

Forecasting Software

Back-and-forth collaboration schemes don’t cut it anymore. Our web-based application suite unites roles, teams and departments around shared enterprise goals in a collaborative, real-time environment – one Forecast Server™, multiple collaborators.

Moving in concert:

Sales Forecasting
Inventory Optimization
Demand Planning
Financial Planning
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Modeling & Simulation

Build superior decision-support systems using the most advanced forecasting, simulation and optimization technologies.

Business Analytics Suite - Desktop application for the individual user.
Vanguard System - Enterprise application for groups of users.

Other Analytic Software

Knowledge Automation System

Truly smart decision systems speed service providers and users through layers of complex interactions. This applies to call-center support, guided troubleshooting, emergency response and more. To that end, Vanguard Knowledge Automation lets you build, test and apply expert decision tree logic. This system is so advanced that we guarantee you the the ability to execute the most efficient process and decision automation in your market – no programming required. Our clients include multinational firms that rely on KAS for both high-volume and mission-critical processing:

  • Customer support
  • Health triage
  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Retirement planning
  • Troubleshooting query
  • Emergency response
  • Training

Vista Online Surveys - Get help building, launching, and analyzing your online surveys.

Our Service Model

We’ve been helping thousands of companies make smarter business decisions since 1995. Over time, we’ve matched technical proficiency with hands-on consultation and an unwavering client focus – every step of the way. All of our experts are in-house, delivering leadership experience in engineering, analytics, supply chain management, IT innovation and more.

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