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Vanguard’s enterprise forecasting software, Forecast Server™, represents the new frontier in automated forecasting. We designed our software to take advantage of breakthroughs in data collection, storage, and processing technology. New collaboration tools make it easier than ever to reach consensus on forecasts.

Forecast Server™ is available for:

Sales Forecasting
Inventory Optimization
Demand Planning
Financial Planning
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Modeling & Simulation

Forecast to the next level with our modeling and simulation software for expert modelers. Plan better using the most advanced forecasting, simulation and optimization technologies.

Business Analytics Suite - Desktop application for the individual user.
Vanguard System - Enterprise application for groups of users.

Other Analytic Software

Knowledge Automation System

Help your staff or clients navigate through complex processes quickly and thoroughly. Clients have used Knowledge Automation System for call centers, health triage, diagnosis, retirement planning, and claims processing amongst others.

Vista Online Surveys - Get help building, launching, and analyzing your online surveys.

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