Memjet Investment in Vanguard Software to Save $71K Annually on Labor, Cut Customer Quoted Lead Time

The fast-growing printer technology company inked a deal to replace spreadsheet-based forecasting with Vanguard Software’s cloud platform for automated, advanced-analytic forecasting and planning.

Cary N.C. – Vanguard Software announced today that Memjet, a world-leading printing technology, and components company, selected Vanguard’s demand planning and forecasting solution to increase forecast accuracy, shorten lead times, and cut labor hours related to forecast preparation.

Dusty Hanson, Operations Planning Analyst for Memjet, said the company chose Vanguard Software for its customer support model, as well for the platform’s demand and supply planning capabilities, advanced analytics, and ease of use.

“We looked at about 20 different vendors for an end-to-end S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) toolset that could handle demand planning, supply planning, and full financial consolidation,” Hanson said. “Vanguard Software had all of that, plus a level of dedicated client support that was above and beyond all others.”

Memjet, whose patented, digital-printing technology and componentry are used in desktop, wide-format, and commercial printing environments, expects Vanguard Software to deliver a marked increase in the accuracy of product demand forecasts with much less effort.

Hanson estimates that Vanguard’s advanced automation features will save Memjet $71,000 annually, just in labor costs related to forecasting preparation. Vanguard’s advanced analytics, meanwhile, will improve forecast accuracy enough to cut lead times – product order to shipment – across Memjet’s product lines, Hanson said.

Across industries, shortened lead times help manufacturers and distribution partners smooth out production and shipment scheduling, increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction, and reduce inventory carrying costs.

“We have a lot of new product introductions that will add to our expanding product base over the next year. Having Vanguard Software to help manage our growth efficiently will be a tremendous help,” Hanson said.

About Memjet

Memjet created a whole new category of inkjet printing when they introduced their revolutionary printhead technology. These color printheads use Memjet’s unique Waterfall Printhead Technology™ that fires millions of ink drops per second. They have since expanded to become a global leader, offering page wide, color printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability to a growing number of customers and markets, with a focus on desktop, wide format, and production applications.

About Vanguard Software

Vanguard introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, thousands of companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on Vanguard Integrated Business Planning (IBP), forecasting, and advanced analytic solutions.

Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.