Modeling and Simulation

Business Analytics Suite™ Modeling and Simulation

The first business-analytics application to support modeling and simulation on an enterprise scale.
Vanguard Software brings state-of-the-art modeling and simulation, routine-decision automation, and collaborative workflow design to knowledge workers at all levels. It’s management structure for otherwise chaotic processes. Global business leaders rely on Vanguard to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of decision making.

In the end it’s all about working smarter. Equip your knowledge workers with advanced tools and expert systems to sharpen business operations and contribute to competitive advancement. Vanguard is powerful enough for the most expert modelers yet simple enough to engage workers across the organization.

Quick Notes – Business Modeling

Modeling and simulation is integral to business management. Models are our frameworks to assess competing courses of action. They help us compare risk-reward scenarios and test our ideas virtually (avoiding costly, real-world mistakes). Modeling is also pervasive. Every time we build a spreadsheet to run the numbers, we’re building a model. We invest large sums in these activities, more so when shaping strategy around generated results. In sum, modeling is at the core of enterprise strategy and treating it as such is nothing less than imperative.

Enterprise Simulation and Planning

Applying modeling techniques on an enterprise scale is frequently called Enterprise Simulation (ES). It has two distinct objectives:

  • Provide a top-down view of the business enterprise to support strategic decision-making.
  • Enable workers across the enterprise with modeling tools and techniques for routine decisions.

Until now, no tools could satisfy these objectives. Business Intelligence (BI) and similar historical reporting systems help monitor business operations, but they cannot help us evaluate new ideas for which there is no history. Spreadsheets (the default for uncoordinated modeling efforts) are flexible but unable to scale or foster collaboration.

Business Analytics Suite is unique in its ability to satisfy ES objectives. Cut modeling costs by simplifying model structures and encouraging reuse of prior work. Improve model accuracy by dividing tasks among those with the best domain knowledge. Encourage modeling routine decisions with user-centric web applications.

Collaborative Modeling

Marshall information workers across the enterprise to converge on shared modeling challenges. Expose risks and opportunities enterprise-wide and roll up diverse data in real-time.

Vanguard’s unique component-based modeling technology lets you build large-scale, distributed models from independent, component models. Dispatch focus groups to model isolated business facets and let the system tie it all together in a cohesive, collaborative scheme. Advanced system automation synthesizes inputs from myriad countries and designated in unique currencies, languages, time scales and update schedules — absolute seamless integration.

Web Knowledge Portal

Share models across the organization and in real time by publishing them to Business Analytics Suite’s wiki knowledge portal. Here, models become web applications for authorized users. They also become web-linked components of other models.

For users, Knowledge Portal is a resource to plumb for pre-built models to use in their work. All models are open to suggested improvements and all underlying assumptions are transparent. Users with modeling skill can update models without fear of breakage. The biggest benefit of open-update architecture is efficiency. Models published to the wiki can serve as foundations or component parts of higher-level models. Users in Operations can plug the sales-forecast model maintained by Marketing into their production-planning model. Similarly, the new production-planning model can lay the foundation for the next team’s inventory-planning model.

Collaborative models are as real-time and robust as top-down simulations, only they grow from the bottom up. But ultimately, no one starts from scratch. Best part? Users need not understand modeling, and modelers need not understand web-application building.

Enterprise-Class Capability

Business Analytics Suite is an enterprise-class simulation platform. It has the analytic power to handle the most demanding types of analysis, the capacity for enterprise-scale modeling, and the virtuality to unite diverse contributors in the business planning process.

Features & Benefits


Multiple, simultaneous contributors. More complete analyses. Collective knowledge that contextualizes historical data, sharpens assumptions and drives accuracy.


Capacity for the largest and most complex enterprise planning and analysis endeavors.


Turn models into interactive web reports in a few clicks. Fully exercise models in real time.


Models display graphically and with plain English formulas. Easy to communicate, understand, review comment on.


Scan your model library for useful sequences to add in, link to or build out.


Check yes next to existing business systems — databases, enterprise applications, spreadsheets.

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