Knowledge Automation System

Truly smart decision systems speed users and providers through layers of complex interaction — call-center support, guided troubleshooting, emergency response and more. Vanguard Knowledge Automation System (KAS) delivers the tools to design, build and manage all of that, starting with a highly efficient development environment. Write rule-based systems for large or advanced applications, or create expert decision trees with no programming required. Global industry leaders rely on KAS for both high-volume processing and mission-critical decision making:

  • Customer support
  • Health triage
  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Retirement planning
  • User query
  • Emergency response
  • Training
  • Website product search
  • Order placement
  • Call-scripting
  • Regulatory adherence
  • Troubleshooting


Business Solutions

Automate routine decision-making processes with applications ranging from web-based expert systems that replace telephone support staff to business-rules systems that help manage operations.

Call Center Scripting
The call-center mission is best-possible support at the lowest possible cost. But these naturally competing objectives force managers into zero-sum analyses of the quality-cost balance. Vanguard is different. Our solution is double barreled to fire on both targets simultaneously. How?

Web Self-Service
Enhance your website with intelligent, interactive applications. Capture visitor attributes and behaviors. Customize service delivery and experience. Help people find the right products, place orders, and troubleshoot. Sound like a lot?

Web Applications
Take web services a step further. Build decision-support systems ranging from wizard-style help desks to predictive analytics applications. Publish systems as live, web applications for public use or for your corporate Intranet.

Expert Systems
Build automated help desks, diagnostic tools, claims-processing applications and more — no programming required. Changes and updates are almost WYSIWYG easy.

Business Rules Automation

Vanguard Knowledge Automation System lets you easily build automated desktop and web applications for vital business uses such as:

  • Process Automation
  • Decision Automation
  • Claims Processing
  • Application Reviews
  • Data Analysis
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Business Rules Systems



Custom User Interface

Develop with or without Programming

Knowledge Automation System includes two separate development interfaces:

  • Vanguard Studio – A desktop development environment for creating desktop or web-based applications using an intuitive interface and a simple programming language. Vanguard Studio automatically constructs a diagram that matches the logical structure of your application, a key visual aid for breaking down complex, ill-structured problems.
  • Vanguard CMS – A web-based, expert-system development tool for non-programmers. Vanguard CMS makes it easy for anyone to build applications using a simple interface and an inherently intuitive system.


Usage Statistics

Improve Applications with Usage Statistics

Usage statistics in Knowledge Automation System increase the efficiency of your project by helping you discard unused questions and options while identifying most popular topics. Here are just a few of the available usage statistics:

  • Comprehensive Usage – Comprehensive usage statistics provide a summary of usage stats, as well as usage analysis information. Summary stats include the number of times and the average length of time a specific question appears. Usage analysis includes the number of user sessions by day, day of the week, and time of day, as well as session-duration statistics.
  • Top Referrers – Top referrers statistics include information about the web addresses that link to your project, including the number of user sessions that are the result of a referral, and the average time spent in your application by each user.
  • Top Users – Top users statistics include information about usage according to the IP address of each user, including which users have initiated the most sessions with your application, and the average time spent in your application by each user.

The Vanguard Difference

Vanguard Software has two-decades experience building business-analytics systems for many of the world’s most influential and respected companies. We’re uniquely qualified to help you realize above-market returns on what we know to be unmatched business-analytics software.


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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.