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Inventory Optimization

Not Too Little, Not Too Much — A Math-Proven Just Right

Vanguard Inventory Optimization automates the analyses of your entire inventory cycle, integrating historical sales data and key insights from individuals throughout your organization to streamline inventory management and improve financial results.

Our advanced-analytic system captures and processes your data to determine optimal service levels, safety stock, reorder points, order quantities and other key metrics. And it reveals product and product-line profitability in net terms for sharper bottom-line analysis. The result is superior optimization of your inventory investment, labor savings and increased operating efficiency.

Why Vanguard Inventory Optimization

Vanguard pulls together the right people in a real-time, shared-workflow environment while leveraging advanced automation to ensure that all of the right math gets applied. The result is sharper insight into product demand patterns. This helps reduce your need for safety stock and speed your response to market changes. How?

Exceptional forecasts are the first step. Exceptional optimizations are the next. Vanguard analyzes your inventory with greater rigor and precision than just about any other inventory management application in market. Detailed simulation and optimization modules adjust for complicating factors such as strong seasonal demand, limited historical sales, and other attributes. Every bit of savings that can be wrung through advanced analytics goes straight to your bottom line.

  • Lower inventory
  • Fewer stockouts
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduced error (emergency orders, unnecessary expenses)
  • Lower labor requirements
  • Higher profit


Vanguard Inventory Optimization is part of the Vanguard Forecast Server™ product line. Forecast Server’s collaborative, web-based applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.

  • Synthesize inputs from multiple remote users in real time – anywhere, any browser or device.
  • Run exhaustive simulations faster than any competitor.
  • Integrate outputs directly with existing ERP systems.
  • Tap source data directly to eliminate spreadsheet cut-and-paste, manual processing, errors, version confusion, and static reports.
  • Promote adoption using a highly intuitive interface, time-saving automation, dynamic reporting options (dollars, units, etc.), and minimal required software or statistics knowledge.
  • Forecast demand for new, growth, and mature products.
  • Monitor crystal-clear audit trail to easily manage user access, assumption changes and proposals.
  • Let world-class advanced analytics determine your optimal statistical method for each forecast, or select an override to reflect foreknowledge not present in your data.
  • Monitor accuracy and forecaster performance over time.
  • Drill down through line items to reveal forecast assumptions in micro detail.
  • Roll up data for innumerable macro views. Slice and dice across products, customer, regions, etc.

The Vanguard Difference

Vanguard Software has two-decades of experience building advanced forecasting and planning systems for many of the world’s most influential and respected companies. We’re uniquely qualified to help you realize above-market returns on what we know to be unmatched business-analytics software.