Predictive Planning

Vanguard In-Memory

Strength, speed, and stability for big data processing.

Say goodbye to batch processes and usage-related performance drop-offs. Vanguard In-Memory optimizes memory usage to maximize capacity and maintain peak performance for all users at all times. Our in-memory technology makes exceptional use of data packing and compression, as well as a meticulously designed virtual-memory process. This lets you crunch massive data sets, run exhaustive simulations, and scale up for thousands of simultaneous users – all without any loss of speed or reliability.

Specifically, Vanguard Software customizes itself automatically to manage your data in the most efficient way possible. Depending on the type of work you are doing and how you are using the system, our sophisticated virtual memory management software will ensure that the data you need is available immediately for the fastest access and execution. Only the data that you need will be stored in memory, guaranteeing that you get the most use out of precious system resources.

Business results:

  • Instantaneous demand-supply synching
  • Lightning fast simulation and reporting
  • Optimal performance on databases of any size
  • Optimal design for mixed workload environments
  • Smart data distribution – does not require all data fit into memory
  • Real-time analysis, real-time collaboration across teams and plans
  • Scalability – benchmarked for 4 million forecasts
  • Grid-computing and data-segregation options
  • Enterprise-class performance in capacity, speed, security, and accuracy

More Than A Statistical Forecast Engine

The Vanguard IBP software platform is much more than a statistical forecast engine. It’s a complete platform that combines expert systems technology, advanced analytics, and workforce knowledge and insight for best-possible forecasting and planning.


Sales & Operation Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • User Customization Dashboards, navigation, data hierarchies
  • Roles & Permissions Set unique access rights to data, views, or modules
  • Intuitive Web User Interface Access on any device
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Finance Forecasting Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • Scalability Benchmarked for 1M forecasts with grid computing and data segregation options
  • Systems Integration Import and export data via ODBC/SQ, Web Services, file read/write
  • Jobs Manager Set triggers to automate recurring tasks
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Sales Forecasting Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • Alerts & Notifications Schedule and receive time sensitive reminders
  • Audit Trail Time and user-stamped
  • Complete IBP / S&OP Capability Choose one module or run multiple simultaneously
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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.