Predictive Planning

Budgeting & Forecasting Software

Analytics, Automation and Collaboration for Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting (BP&F)

As organizations grow, so do their needs, at some point outstripping the scope and capability of spreadsheets and home-grown financial planning solutions. Vanguard Budgeting & Forecasting Software is part of an integrated cloud platform designed to scale with your organization as it grows, supporting multiple teams and plans, and increasingly dynamic decision processes. Vanguard automates manual processes to reduce planning-cycle time, and it integrates with core systems to ensure that you’re always working with the latest data. This is critical to target setting and analysis when your financial picture is constantly changing.

  • Create advanced budgets, plans and forecasts in a few clicks
  • Reduce manual calculations, errors, and shadow systems
  • Automate workflows, slash processing time, shorten your planning cycle
  • Build budgets bottom-up, top-down, and middle-out (hybrid)
  • Engage pre-built applications designed for each major line of business
  • Create custom dashboards, reports and graphs with a few clicks
  • Apply rolling forecasts to driver-based planning, complex cost allocation, and profitability analysis
  • Drive transparency and accountability: crystal-clear workflows, extensive audit trail, multi-level access
  • Leverage 28 statistical times-series models (seasonal, days/months/holiday specific, ARIMA, growth rate…)

Multi-plan Integration for Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting (BP&F)

  • Set guidance: create financial targets and budgets that link to sales and demand forecasts
  • Automate conversions: break down high-level targets and budgets into lower-level forecasts, and revenue targets into unit-demand forecasts, automatically
  • Share and compare: include an unlimited number of plans (executive targets, financial budgets, sales plans, annual operating plans (AOP) etc.)


More Than A Statistical Forecast Engine

The Vanguard IBP software platform is much more than a statistical forecast engine. It’s a complete platform that combines expert systems technology, advanced analytics, and workforce knowledge and insight for best-possible forecasting and planning.


Sales & Operation Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • User Customization Dashboards, navigation, data hierarchies
  • Roles & Permissions Set unique access rights to data, views, or modules
  • Intuitive Web User Interface Access on any device
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Finance Forecasting Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • Scalability Benchmarked for 1M forecasts with grid computing and data segregation options
  • Systems Integration Import and export data via ODBC/SQ, Web Services, file read/write
  • Jobs Manager Set triggers to automate recurring tasks
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Sales Forecasting Preview

Key Benefits Include:

  • Alerts & Notifications Schedule and receive time sensitive reminders
  • Audit Trail Time and user-stamped
  • Complete IBP / S&OP Capability Choose one module or run multiple simultaneously
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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.