Food and Beverage Companies Become Market Leaders

8 Key Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line with Vanguard Predictive Planning

Consider how demand shifts in regions and/or quantities often call for corresponding changes in suppliers and cost structures. It is important that the production footprint changes alongside demand to maximize available production capacity and ultimately, profit.

Food and beverage companies become market leaders with Vanguard Predictive PlanningPlanners must invest more in capacity at certain locations or completely relocate production capacity to other facilities within the network.

The job becomes a blur of changes and shifts throughout the cycle. Only with automated modeling of these scenarios can a company easily balance existing capacity with the investment required to add more production. Whether a food and beverage company is looking for short-term planning, or to project long-range (20+ years), Vanguard Predictive Planning is up to the task.

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“Vanguard Software was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%!”

VP, Supply Chain
Large Pharmaceutical Company