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Financial Forecasting

Financial Forecasting Software

Retrain your eyes on the road ahead.

Most ERP-system analytics focus on past performance (standard BI). Vanguard Financial Forecasting software projects the future, applying state-of-the-art technologies in forecasting, simulation, and optimization to give you truly actionable insight.

Financial Forecasting utilizes server-based architecture to deliver the capacity, speed, reliability, and security you need for enterprise-level planning. Web architecture automates data management, forecasting, and reporting across distributed systems. It also lets multiple collaborators access or contribute to enterprise-level works in progress, integrating real-time knowledge feedback with real-time project data — cash-flow shifts, revised liquidity requirements, and myriad assumption changes as they occur.

Advanced automation channels data through best-possible forecast methods and calculates any number of what-if scenarios, such as the opportunity costs of competing investment options. The results are sharper forecasts, conserved resources and increased profitability.

financial forecasting software

There’s “forecasting,” and then there’s forecasting. These white papers pull the real stuff out from the standard BI fare. Why Care? Because BI, CPM, and ERP need better ROI. And forecast accuracy generates greater ROI than any other IT investment. Read on to learn how, and how much.

Why Vanguard Financial Forecasting

It’s one thing to automate data management and forecasting. It’s another to capture and test your financial universe in a single, unified system. Vanguard Financial Forecasting software does just that, bringing various organizations into seamless collaboration for shared risk and financial management.

It’s a lot more than cost and revenue forecasting:

  • Intuitive interface streamlines what-if testing, data visualization, and reporting to drive home key findings.
  • Executive functionality includes instantaneous rollups of products, geographies and divisions for consolidated forecasts. Get a corporate-wide view of sales, cash flow, profit-and-loss, balance sheets, and custom reports.
  • Advanced analytics combine seasonality, product-life cycle effects, and statistically-tested assumptions for the most accurate pro forma possible.

Try all that with a spreadsheet.

Financial Forecasting Software

Introducing the exceptional pro forma, minus the labor and limitations of standard ERP systems.


Vanguard Financial Forecasting is part of the Vanguard Forecast Server™ product line. Forecast Server’s collaborative, web-based applications unite roles, teams, and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.

  • Synthesize inputs from multiple remote users in real time and from any device to increase detail and buy-in.
  • Run exhaustive simulations faster than any competitor.
  • Integrate outputs directly with existing ERP systems.
  • Tap source data directly to eliminate spreadsheet cut-and-paste, manual processing, errors, version confusion, and static reports.
  • Promote adoption — highly intuitive interface, time-saving automation, dynamic reporting options (dollars, units, etc.), and minimal required software or statistics knowledge.
  • Forecast demand for products in new, growth, and mature stages.
  • Monitor a crystal-clear audit trail to easily manage user access, assumption changes, and proposals.
  • Let world-class advanced analytics determine your optimal statistical method for each forecast, or select an override to reflect foreknowledge not present in your data.
  • Monitor accuracy and forecaster performance over time.
  • Drill down through line items to reveal forecast assumptions in micro detail.
  • Roll up data for innumerable macro views. Slice and dice across products, customers, regions, etc.

The Vanguard Difference

Vanguard Software has two-decades of experience building advanced forecasting and planning systems for many of the world’s most influential and respected companies. We’re uniquely qualified to help you realize above-market returns on what we know to be unmatched business-analytics software.