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Government Cash Flow Forecasting
Article from Government Finance Review, December 2012

The Kansas Department of Transportation Builds a Transparent and Nimble Cash Flow Forecasting System

This article describes how the Kansas Department of Transportation implemented a modern cash flow forecasting system with Vanguard Software. KDOT moved from a weeks-long, difficult forecasting process to forecasts that update automatically on a daily basis.

Learn about:

  • What compelled KDOT to rethink their forecasting process,
  • How they selected a vendor,
  • The development process,
  • What went into creating the payout curve model, and
  • How they addressed the need for cultural change.

Government Finance Review is a publication of the Government Finance Officer's Association (GFOA). GFOA, the field's leading professional association, has been identifying and developing financial policies and best practices since 1906.
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