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Demand Planning

Demand Planning Software

The Right Materials in the Right Place at the Right Time

Vanguard Demand Planning is geared to help manufacturers forecast demand for all resources required in the manufacturing process  raw materials, people, equipment, and finished goods. Our industry-leading forecast engine generates an exceptional demand (or sales) forecast for finished goods. Demand Planning then explodes (or reverse engineers) that back into all required components and resources using a hierarchical, time-dependent Bill Of Materials (BOM).

Demand Planning also automates routine tasks and applies advanced-analytic methods to optimize key drivers affecting your entire demand planning and management process. Web-based workflow design lets you merge sales and inventory data with workforce knowledge of internal and marketplace changes. The results are streamlined supply-chain and fulfillment processes, lower operating costs, and improved customer service and profits.

There’s “forecasting,” and then there’s forecasting. These white papers pull the real stuff out from the standard BI fare. Why Care? Because BI, CPM, and ERP need better ROI. And forecast accuracy generates greater ROI than any other IT investment. Read on to learn how, and how much.

demand planning

Why Vanguard Demand Planning

No matter the complexity of your supply chain, Vanguard Demand Planning is geared to wring efficiency from all stages of your supply and production cycle.

Our centralized software solution applies advanced automation, proven workflow design and exceptional forecasting to Materials Requirements Planning.

  • Combine historical data with insight or foreknowledge for the most reality-based forecasting and planning.
  • Explode demand forecasts for finished goods — using a Bill of Materials (BOM) — to plan requirements for raw materials, workers, and equipment under any number of scenarios.
  • Track entire product cycles with centrally managed records, time-stamped user inputs, and real-time updating across organizations.

Analytic Integration

  • Production forecasts
  • Technology changes
  • Competitor actions
  • Sales team win/loss probabilities
  • Management insight
  • Historical data
  • EDI feeds
  • 3rd-party market forecasts
  • Product life cycle
  • New product adoption


Vanguard Demand Planning is part of the Vanguard Forecast Server™ product line. Forecast server’s collaborative, web-based applications unite roles, teams, and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.

  • Synthesize inputs from multiple remote users in real time and from any device to increase detail and buy-in.
  • Run exhaustive simulations faster than any competitor.
  • Integrate outputs directly with existing ERP systems.
  • Tap source data directly to eliminate spreadsheet cut-and-paste, manual processing, errors, version confusion, and static reports.
  • Monitor accuracy and forecaster performance over time.
  • Drill down through line items to reveal forecast assumptions in micro detail.
  • Forecast demand for new, growth, and mature products.
  • Promote adoption using a highly intuitive interface, time-saving automation, dynamic reporting options (dollars, units, etc.), and minimal required software or statistics knowledge.
  • Monitor crystal-clear audit trail to easily manage user access, assumption changes, and proposals.
  • Let world-class advanced analytics determine your optimal statistical method for each forecast, or select an override to reflect foreknowledge not present in your data.
  • Roll up data for innumerable macro views. Slice and dice across products, customers, regions, etc.

The Vanguard Difference

Vanguard Software has two-decades of experience building advanced forecasting and planning systems for many of the world’s most influential and respected companies. We’re uniquely qualified to help you realize above-market returns on what we know to be unmatched business-analytics software.