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Move to Cloud-based IBP or Die with Your Spreadsheets

by Neal Goffman


Breakaway performance awaits, just think beyond Excel for half a sec

As management leaders, we often measure our performance according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  We set goals and objectives and…

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in Cloud , Sales & Operations Planning

Planning and Forecasting as a Service? Time for the Cloud

by Neal Goffman

Hosted, pay-as-you-go business applications are no longer just a cost-effective option for small and mid-size companies. Increasingly, these applications bring robust business computing capabilities to large and diverse workforces, some of which…

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How to Make the S&OP Process More Robust

by Vanguard Software


There are seven key challenges to the success of you’re S&OP process, writes Debashis Sinha, who oversees pharma demand and supply for GlaxoSmithKline in Dubai. The first comes right at the…

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