Business Analytics Suite™
Modeling and Simulation

The first business-analytics application to support modeling and simulation on an enterprise scale.

Vanguard Software brings state-of-the-art modeling and simulation, routine-decision automation, and collaborative workflow design to knowledge workers at all levels. It’s management structure for otherwise chaotic processes. Global business leaders rely on Vanguard to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of decision making.

In the end its all about working smarter. Equip your knowledge workers with advanced tools and expert systems to sharpen business operations and contribute to competitive advancement. Vanguard is powerful enough for the most expert modelers yet simple enough to engage workers across the organization.

Quick Notes - Business Modeling

Modeling and simulation is integral to business management. Models are our frameworks to assess competing courses of action. They help us compare risk-reward scenarios and test our ideas virtually (avoiding costly, real-world mistakes). Modeling is also pervasive. Every time we build a spreadsheet to run the numbers, we’re building a model. We invest large sums in these activities, more so when shaping strategy around generated results. In sum, modeling is at the core of enterprise strategy and treating it as such is nothing less than imperative.