Budgeting & Planning SoftwareBudgeting & Planning Software

Vanguard IBP for Budgeting & planning software ensures that your organization is focused on reliable budget data, not on who has the latest version or whose version is most accurate.

Advanced Analytics Meets Automation

Budgeting & Planning software simplifies what-if testing, data visualization, reporting, and roll-ups for consensus forecasting and multi-team enterprise planning. The module combines advanced-analytic capabilities (seasonality, product life-cycle, etc.) with powerful automation to deliver an essential tool for business users across the enterprise. Unmatched workflow and tracking features bring together projections from various teams and groups for multi-team and multi-plan collaboration.

  • User-centric design ensures optimum forecast methodology, visual display, and exportability
  • Web-based architecture unites multiple teams on a single platform for exceptional transparency and collaboration
  • Plugs in to any core enterprise system for complete, seamless integration
  • Consolidates and manages all financial data on one platform for all budgeting, planning, and forecasting needs
  • Unlimited what-if analyses of short- and long-term financial goals and decisions
  • Automates data management, forecasting, and reporting in real time

Seamless, Multi-Plan Integration

  • Set guidance: create financial targets and budgets that link to sales and demand forecast
  • Automate conversions: break down high-level targets and budgets into lower-level forecasts, and revenue targets into unit-demand forecasts, automatically
  • Share and compare: include an unlimited number of plans (executive targets, financial budgets, sales plans, annual operating plans (AOP)

Gap Analysis

  • Reports and analysis to visualize how and why forecasts and plans are different
  • Ability to slice and dice data by any attribute (e.g., gaps by business units, geography, product line, etc.)

Consensus Forecasting

Building consensus among demand leaders in sales & marketing and supply leaders in manufacturing, procurement, and logistics is critical to the S&OP process. The Budgeting module features built-in workflows and advanced reporting capabilities that enable integrated, multi-team forecasting and planning for demand, supply and complete S&OP processes.

Let your teams automate and integrate budgeting processes without relying on IT.  Let users focus on data and transparency rather than on protecting “their version of the truth.

  • Pre-built application
  • Excel-like user interface
  • Advanced budget analysis
  • Driver-based planning, break-backs, cross-department, and more
  • Complete version history with extensive audit trail
  • Permission-based access level
  • Business process-based workflow with alerts and notification

Why Vanguard IBP for Budgeting & Planning

The Vanguard Software approach to financial planning is based on two unique abilities:

  • Tight integration of budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Multi-plan capability – multiple departments can share and compare forecasts and plan

Most organizations begin each budget cycle with the previous period’s budget. They then make adjustments based on high-level goals and set allocations from a top-down view of needs. Vanguard IBP for Budgeting and Planning software is different. Our process begins with an objective, statistical forecast and can ultimately integrate a complete platform of enterprise planning capability.

You gain three distinct advantages

  • Begin each budget cycle with the most accurate financial projection possible – drawn from rigorous statistical analysis
  • Manage to budget with optimal efficiency based on a complete understanding of the trends, seasonal patterns, outliers, product life-cycle effects, and other factors that shape your projections
  • Integrate Budgeting with other Vanguard modules for sales and operations planning, or to drive your entire Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or S&OP process

Check out Vanguard Cash Flow Forecasting and Vanguard Government Cash Flow Forecasting for Departments of Transportation (DOT) and other state agencies:

Cash Flow Forecasting

Govt. Cash Flow Forecasting


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Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.