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Winzer conducted a thorough evaluation of four leading forecasting software vendors and selected Vanguard Software’s Forecast Server.

Top-20 Global Drug Developer

Web-based collaboration and advanced-analytic simulation improve R&D portfolio management, optimize strategic and long-range planning.


Markedly improved forecast accuracy and demand planning sets the stage for supply chain optimization.

Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics

R&D pipeline performance forecasting for optimal pipeline investment decisions.

Kansas DOT

Learn how KDOT moved from a weeks-long, difficult forecasting process to daily, automatic forecasts.

Aurobindo Pharma USA

Aurobindo’s break-neck expansion in the U.S. pharmaceutical market was outpacing its internal planning capacity. What could be done?

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Portfolio Review to Full S&OP

Cash Flow Forecasting Checklist

Top 4 Barriers to Sales Team Accuracy

Advanced Analytic Forecasting

ROI-The Promise of Forecast Accuracy