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Vanguard Software

Two decades in predictive analytics has put Vanguard
at the top of the business forecasting world
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What Will Set You Apart?

Start with the baddest forecasting chops in the world –
benchmark verified, workflow engineered

Analytics Tools

Business Analytics Suite

Desktop solution that integrates forecasting, visual modeling, decision support, Monte Carlo Simulation, optimization and more.

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Vanguard System

Server-based solution that combines forecasting, modeling and simulation tools with unlimited remote access for real-time collaboration.

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Knowledge Automation System

Process and decision automation solution that lets experts build web-based user-applications using programmable rule-based systems or decision-tree logic (no programming required).

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Why Choose Vanguard?

Forecasts drive the enterprise future — from deciding how much inventory to stock to choosing the best growth strategy. Problem is, spreadsheets and the canned projection capabilities of typical ERP systems don’t cut it.

At Vanguard, we understand the potential of forecasting as a multiplier. That’s why we put 20 years of R&D into what are now the most complete and capable forecasting products available. We can help you better understand demand for your products, the potential effects of market events, and even how competitor actions affect your long-term viability.

Sharper forecasting is the single most auspicious investment you can make with your IT dollars. Let us help you get the most out of it.

Our Customers

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